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It has been a long time without you my friends

I may, or may have not just showed you my music taste just there. The truth is, it has been a long time since my last post. First, there was a hell of final exams, then there was a health scare in immediate family. And then, there was just a university break from hell.

But it is time to start my new semester – my last year. Graduation is so near I can almost smell it. It is time for focus and concentration. And more serious blogging comes hand in hand with it.



But before graduation, I still have around 11 courses in total to finish. This semester, I am doing my Internship, Capstone Project, Special Topics in Marketing, and Marketing Channels, aside from few general knowledge courses I have left for the end. Its an exciting semester ahead, and I am planning to blog a lot about my Marketing Courses this semester, since they are amazing. Special shoutout to Dr. Sanjai Parahoo at Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University who is making this journey amazing.



How to choose a university that will guarantee you get the job in UAE? Part 2

If you read The Part 1 you know I told you your choice of university is directly related with your chances to get the job after graduation. While most of you know choosing a good university matters (it is not like I am inventing a wheel here), do you really know how to choose that university?

For your convenience I created a list of TOP 10 universities in UAE to get your marketing degree. The number one spot went to Hamdan Bin Mohammed smart University.

In this post I will try to explain why.

Top 10 Universities to get your marketing degree

Top 10 Universities to get your marketing degree

So what is the decision making criteria I used in this selection?

Well, for start, I used ranking of the university, quality of the program, tuition fees and affordability, and accessibility all over UAE. Most of the universities scored well on all of the criteria.

However, the top criteria I used is the concept of competitive advantage, as discussed in last post. In short, which university degree will guarantee I have the advantage over other applicants that cannot be easily copied?

Believe it, or not this criteria eliminated all of the universities except one: HBMSU.

While all other universities had solid programs, excellent rankings, and scored well on affordability and accessibility, they all fell flat on the main criteria – how to make me stand out.

Consider the universities on the list. As a graduate from any of the 9 universities ranked below you have practically same (or similar) chances as every other graduate to get hired.

So what makes graduates of HBMSU stand out?

If you have been following marketing trends, or trends in general, digitalization has happened. Suddenly, everything shifted online now. Marketing did too.

While days of traditional marketing are far from over, it is not enough anymore to be a good marketer. In fact, it is imperative to be an excellent online marketer. And what better university to study online marketing than the online university? Right?

Imagine a scenario a company is hiring. They are starting a new marketing campaign, and their online marketing strategy takes the center stage. Who do you think gets hired?

And that is my friend how you choose a university to get hired. On the side note, that is my friends how you think like a marketer.

To learn more about HBMSU click here.

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To learn about decision making process read this.

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How to choose a university that will guarantee you get the job in UAE? Part 1

What if I told you there is a way to stand out and get hired out of the thousands of applicants with practically no experience? Interested?

We all know how hard it is to get a job nowadays. It seems that for every opening there is bloodshed. Usually the guy with bunch of experience gets the job. So how is the fresh graduate with practically nothing to put on the CV to get the interview, let alone job?

Let me tell you how!

The concept of competitive advantage according to Wikipedia describes “attributes that allow an organization to outperform its competitors”. It is usually created or obtained, and it is hard to be copied.

Although a business term, it can easily be applied on all aspects of life.

While there are many articles that tackle the topic on how to gain that competitive advantage, most of them suggest tweaking your CV to be visually appealing, or using power talk and persuasive body language to get hired. While not bad advices per se, do you really think a pretty font and sitting up straight will do the job? And more importantly do those tricks really help you gain competitive advantage? I mean, after all anybody can copy that.

What you put on the CV matters. What you can get to the table matters. As a fresh graduate only thing you can put on your CV, or bring to the table is what and where you studied. So the university where you got your marketing degree has to be the source of your competitive advantage.

Quite simple. Right?

So to make it even simpler for you, I created a list of 10 best universities in UAE to get your marketing degree.

Look out! There is an oddball here!

Top 10 Universities to get your marketing degree

Top 10 Universities to get your marketing degree

The number one spot goes to Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University!

To read more about my decision criteria check out the next post How to choose a university that will guarantee you get the job in UAE? Part 2.

Did your pick made the cut? Comment below.

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