It has been a long time without you my friends

I may, or may have not just showed you my music taste just there. The truth is, it has been a long time since my last post. First, there was a hell of final exams, then there was a health scare in immediate family. And then, there was just a university break from hell.

But it is time to start my new semester – my last year. Graduation is so near I can almost smell it. It is time for focus and concentration. And more serious blogging comes hand in hand with it.



But before graduation, I still have around 11 courses in total to finish. This semester, I am doing my Internship, Capstone Project, Special Topics in Marketing, and Marketing Channels, aside from few general knowledge courses I have left for the end. Its an exciting semester ahead, and I am planning to blog a lot about my Marketing Courses this semester, since they are amazing. Special shoutout to Dr. Sanjai Parahoo at Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University who is making this journey amazing.



Tie marketing back to emotions

The Context Of Things

Marketers spend a lot of time worried about ‘power branding’ and ‘automation suites’ and ‘the biggest possible number,’ and in reality? Very few of those things actually matter. We live in a much different world than we did even in 2003. That has massive business implications. The sales funnel your grandfather worked within? That sales funnel is dead. There are dozens — if not hundreds — of ways for a potential consumer/buyer to understand your product or service before they even speak to a single person from your company.

Here’s the problem: most people look at that — the complexity of the modern marketing mix! — and do 1 of 2 things:

  • They focus on those aspects above because those are things they can control, and ultimately work is just a complex exercise in having control or ownership over something.
  • They run around screaming about complexity and how busy they…

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