Tie marketing back to emotions

The Context Of Things

Marketers spend a lot of time worried about ‘power branding’ and ‘automation suites’ and ‘the biggest possible number,’ and in reality? Very few of those things actually matter. We live in a much different world than we did even in 2003. That has massive business implications. The sales funnel your grandfather worked within? That sales funnel is dead. There are dozens — if not hundreds — of ways for a potential consumer/buyer to understand your product or service before they even speak to a single person from your company.

Here’s the problem: most people look at that — the complexity of the modern marketing mix! — and do 1 of 2 things:

  • They focus on those aspects above because those are things they can control, and ultimately work is just a complex exercise in having control or ownership over something.
  • They run around screaming about complexity and how busy they…

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