Wait…So How Much Are Social Media Sites Making Through Digital Marketing?

A Little Bit of Digital, A Lot of Media

It is no surprise that social media sites are dominating the internet (and much of our lives) every second of everyday.  Additionally, every one knows by now how these social media platforms make revenue (it’s all about the money).  Advertisements.

After reading Adweek’s article, I found that Facebook and Instagram continue to dominate the top of the advertising market controlling 65% of social media’s budgets this year alone (That’s $16.3 billion…yes billion with a B!).

To me this is absolutely crazy!  I have clicked on an ad very few times on social media and half of them were probably by an accident.  Also, it has been reported that 63% of millennials use ad blockers.  So how relevant are these ads?  If reportedly only 6.5% of consumers on mobile find these ads are relevant…what’s the point of putting ads on every social media platform?  I completely understand that a social…

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