Month: September 2015

You are doing everything right – why is your business failing? Easy steps to add emotional value to your business

You are doing everything right – you have carefully analyzed your target market, you perfected your offering, you integrated your marketing message and your businesses is still failing, or at best struggling from day to day.

What gives? 

Affect and Cognition

People remember how you made them feel

Research after research and article after article point out to  psychological value as determining factor of success. In other words, customers do not remember what you did or how you did it.

What customers DO REMEMBER is how you made them feel.

No customers

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Just imagine you are visiting a restaurant. The food is superb, service impeccable and ambiance wonderful. As you are leaving the restaurant you hear some scuffle in the street. You rush to see what is happening and witness restaurant staff cussing out hungry child diving in the restaurant dumpster. Would you go back?

I didn’t think so.

So recipe for success is quite simple – make sure you connect to customers at all touch points, right?

Starbucks will write your name on the cup and call it a day, Evian still rides on the success of the dancing baby ad; those are some happy brands.

But how can you do it with your business?

Let’s say you are a heavy equipment provider for construction companies? How do you connect to your customers? It can be as simple as posting a joke on your LinkedIn page your customers can laugh over, instead of adding another picture of your crane.

Connect with customers

You might post this


Instead of this

In the end, which one is the one you responded to?

Here are some strategies on building happy brands:

  • Value your employees – your employees are the ones who interact with customers – make them feel good, they will make your customers feel good. Check out here and here on best strategies to happy employees.

    emotional value

    Happy employees make happy customers

  • Build emotional value to your marketing message – convey emotions through ideas, color, light, sound or motions that consumers can relate and respond to into your marketing message

  •  Add psychological value to your loyalty program to encourage active loyalty– weather it is giving your customers premium offers, or premium status, you need to make them feel good. This study explores the topic in depth.
  • Utilize social media to build emotional connections – instead of using your social media for hard sell, do not be afraid to crack a joke, share a sentiment or just respond to customers on personal level. Taylor Swift does it best.
    Taylor Swift responds to fan

    Taylor Swift responds to fan

    Social media use

    Taylor Swift responds to a fan


Creative Marketing Solutions 101 – Products and Services

Some time ago, not so far back we started a Creative Marketing Solutions 101 series.

For this time, we will take about one of 4 P’sPRODUCT – in other words how can you get creative with your offering?

We already spoke about a guy who earns a fortune selling potatoes.

But what can you do? It may seem like there is nothing left to invent.

For start, it does not have to be something totally new. It can be as simple as combining two products/services to simplify things. Just think about smart phones and how Steve Jobs decided to simplify our lives by combining a functionality of a phone and a computer.

For those of you who think there is really no creative things to come up with, or are looking for some ideas, I compiled a list of creative products/services.

1. BlueSmart Carry-On Luggage – the luggage that weights and locks itself, and charges your phone up to 6 times among other things.  For more info check out this video or visit their website.

2. Dreamfarm’s Gripet or Scizza – Dreamfarm delivers creative kitchen tools you would wish to have in your kitchen – for example, their Gripet note organizer, or Pizza Scissors for perfectly sliced pizza. You can order both here.

Creative Notes Organizer


Pizza Scissors


3. No Blind Spot Rear View Mirror – used by racers and police officers the mirror is a must if you drive a lot.

4. Shower Mic – no explanation necessary. You can order it here.

Shower Microphone Sponge

Shower Mic

5. The Dog Matchmaker – where you are matched with a rescue pet based on a questionnaire that matches your personality with that of your future pet.

6. Storage By the Box – get the box, pack it, send it for free. All you pay is actual storage of your stuff. For AED 75/per month for a box, you can keep your stuff safe.

Storage By The Box Dubai

Storage by the box

7. The Shoe Laundry – it was in my e-Commerce class I got introduced to this creative service – practically “recycle” your old shoes to look almost brand new for super low price. Based in India, I am super psyched to see it spread worldwide.

Shoe repair and restoration

Shoe Laundry

8. Scribble – a pen with two ends – one with a nib, and one with a scanner. Press scanner against any surface. It captures the color and mixes the ink giving you a pen that can color in the exact shade of object scanned.



While only some of few examples, they can serve you as a reminder there is still a world out there to be discovered.

Any products or services that caught your attention? Let us know!

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