Black Monday

Bloody Monday! How China market crash will make you a better marketer

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 10.25.40 AM

Yesterday was a good day to be in marketing.

Yesterday was not a good day to be in finance. 

Today is no better for the finance guys.

Today is slightly worse for marketing peeps.

In a wake of Chinese market crash, and a spillover to the other markets, marketers all over the world are coming to a realisation we did not quite dodge the bullet here. For a simple breakdown of what really happened read here.

How does Bloody Monday affect marketing?

While not immediate, effect is going to be felt largely by marketers. We are probably not talking about a full blown crisis like the recent one was, but we are also not talking smooth sailing. What that means? Less budget for marketing.


Because despite all the common sense, companies most often decide to cut corners on marketing.

What to do?

Focus on doing smarter marketing. You can do more with less. Consumers are vary of  expensive ads anyways. For sound tips on how to stretch your thin marketing budget check here and here.

Do you have any advices on how to do good marketing during a crisis? Let us know in the comment.


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