Marketing for the nerd in you

Welcome to the Nerdy Marketer.

Now I know what you are thinking ( ‘Not another marketing blog!’ ). I can practically hear you. But since you are already here, let me give you few reasons to stick with this one.

It discusses the range of marketing topics from different perspectives. It is practically a soul food for the marketing nerd in you. Plus, it is a bit different from your average marketing blog. Post are written by enthusiastic marketing student. They will follow my journey of obtaining a degree, and hopefully my postgraduate journey too. It will also feature content from different contributors and marketing professionals. If you have a marketing story to tell, or interesting insight to share on the blog, please contact me, or send the content directly to my email. Weekly once I will choose among the content sent to me to be featured on the blog. Full credit will be given as due, so please include your name, profession, institution you are connected with, or name of your blog.

So who is this blog really for?

If you are a marketing student, or considering becoming one the blog can guide you on what to expect, and where to study. Plus it is an excellent read for those extra marks. If you wish to contribute, please feel free to send me an email, as mentioned above. Keep in mind though, your future employer might be reading your post.

If you are a freelancer, consider this as a great platform to expand your knowledge, contribute to the community, or catch the attention of potential employer.

If you teach marketing/are marketing professional/recruiter, it is an excellent place to spot fresh talent, share insights, contribute to community and keep track of what is current. If you are looking for an intern, freelancer, or someone to do research with send me an email, or sound of in comments.

And do not forget!

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Recommend us to a friend or a fellow marketing enthusiast, and you will win the karma gold. May marketing odds be forever in your favor!


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