Are you too selling Fool’s Gold?

I cannot tell you how many times I heard ‘But you cannot go into marketing’ ‘Marketing is about tricking people to buy stuff’ ‘But you are such a nice girl’ ‘You really want do sales’ ‘But you are so good with numbers, why waste it on marketing?’ whenever I mentioned I am studying marketing.

Truth to be told, I do not know about any other discipline/profession that has so much mystery and misconceptions about it. Apparently we are voodoo specialists capable of seducing people to buy what they do not need.

However, that is not actually how marketing works. Not at all my friends.

Marketing is quite something, if I may say so. Whoever told you studying and practicing marketing is a breeze, they did not know what they are talking about.

Most of the marketing definitions talk about creating a value in order to capture the value. However to understand what marketing is you need to know one and one thing only Marketing is the bloodline of any business.

It pretty much gives your business a purpose – THE WHY Simon Sinek talks about in his Golden Circle Theory. if unfamiliar with the concept check out his inspirational TED video.

Not only marketing gives your business a purpose. Marketing pretty much does the rest of the job as well. Marketing helps you determine WHO is it that needs what you are offering, how to reach them and HOW to deliver them product/service to meet their satisfaction.

It involves lots of market analysis and research (trust me, you need to know your way around numbers for this), full immersion in the whole process of creation of the perfect product/service for your target market, and lots of creative ways to inform your market about product/service/brand.

In short, marketers rule :).

In case you are considering studying marketing, or are business owner looking to vamp up your marketing efforts I created a simple inforgraph to show all marketing types. It can come really handy for anyone teaching marketing too.

Types of Marketing

Types of Marketing

In case you are considering studying marketing I would be happy to answer any of your questions. In case you are already studying or working in marketing please let me know with which misconceptions you have met?

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